FLV & Associés advises their clients in cases of labor and social security law, both on an individual or collective basis.

We handle the following matters, inter alia:

Individual employment

  • drafting of employment contracts (permanent or temporary) and special contracts (secondments and expatriations),
  • amendments to employment contracts,
  • advice and follow-up on individual dismissal procedures,
  • assistance with the negotiation and drawing up of employment contracts,
  • litigation in connection with the amendment or termination of employment contracts.

Collective agreements

  • advice and assistance on the consequences related to restructurations, including redundancies, redundancy schemes and related litigation
  • legal advice and representation in connection with employee representatives (organisation of elections, disputed election results, etc.)
  • assistance with the operation and consultation of employee representative bodies (works’ councils, staff representatives and trade unions)
  • relations with labor inspectors, regional labor and employment offices and the social security administration
  • setting up of voluntary and mandatory profit-sharing schemes.

Social security

  • legal advice and representation in connection with additional assessments
  • legal advice in connection with occupational accidents and diseases (recognition of occupational accidents and gross negligence on the part of employers).